Comparison to AppleTV

I realize that the new Mac based version isn’t fully baked yet, but is there even some users who can provide feedback on what is vs isn’t there compared to the AppleTV version. i.e. bitstream passthru for DTSX/Dolby Atmos, what HDR (HDR/HDR10+/HLG/DV/etc) modes are supported. I truly love the AppleTV version minus the short comings of Apple restricting those couple features, if the Mac version will support the missing features of AppleTV i will run out and pickup a mini switch for my primary system in a heartbeat.

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Maybe someone at Firecore could create a chart of the platforms and various formats/technologies and the status of each. I would also like to know what is implemented/not implemented, possible/not possible, investigating/planned, etc.


I’d second this in terms of app direction. Really love it if the AppleTV app design made the jump to the Mac. Something more akin to Front Row (for those of us who remember). Really take advantage of the larger display. Current app works but feels like iTunes. It’d also be great if the Mac can fill the void in terms of limitations on iOS and tvOS.

We’re aiming to have feature parity on the macOS version.

As development moves along we may discover areas with regard to playback where we have more or fewer capabilities, but we don’t have any info on what these may be just yet.

Design-wise, it will have many things which are unique to macOS, but overall will likely be closer to the iOS version than Apple TV.

It’s too early to say whether we add an option for a front row like experience. I guess it depends if there compelling feature which make it a better option compared to the ATV.

I know older Mac models didn’t support bitstream not sure if that support was added when Catalina introduced Dolby vision and Dolby atmos to 2018+ macs. Bitstream support is the only thing that would Mac me consider buying an m1 mini.

I switched from tvOS to macOS and I really wish Infuse will offer the same great experience without any feature limitation.