Communication with helper app not possible

Hi all,

I have been playing around with Infuse on iOS for a few days now and I cannot find a way around the following issue:

I have all my movies in iCloud in the iCloud Drive. To add those movies to Infuse, I selected “Add files”, then “Add local directory” and from there I was able to select the iCloud Drive directory which contains my movies. I can also see the movies showing up in the library. But whenever I try to watch a movie or to browse the files of the local folder, I get an error saying that the “Communication with helper app failed”.

I know that it is not possible to stream movies directly from iCloud. But what I would expect here is that the movie would be downloaded from iCloud to the local storage and then be played back from there. But somehow this seems to be not working.

Is this not supported at all (in this case maybe the error message should be more explanatory) or is there a way around this issue? I have already reinstalled the app several times, also re-added the movies directories and even tried different iOS devices to no avail.