Comments and questions before buying aTV Flash

Just received a brand new Apple TV from Apple. One thing that was disappointing about the Apple TV is the lack of being able to access many free videos because Apple wants to charge you for them. For instance, as I am sure many of you know, you can go to or, etc. and watch many episodes of TV shows FREE on your computer. However, with the Apple TV, these same episodes cost like $1.99 each via iTunes. Who wants to pay that when I can get on my Apple computer and watch them for FREE!

So aTV Flash seems like just the product I need! Of course, I get on the forum here and am reading about other users, who in the last few days, received an Apple TV or already had one, installed aTV Flash, and now their Apple TV does not work. This is probably due to the new software upgrade recently released? These same users do not post any resolutions for their problems so I assume their Apple TV still does not work. Anyway, this sort of makes one a little nervous about purchasing the aTV Flash product as the last thing I want to do is crater my brand new 3-day old Apple TV. I do realize there is a risk with installing any 3rd party Apple un-supported software.

So, if I purchase aTV Flash and it craters my Apple TV, can I reinstall the original Apple TV software and get it back working? If so, how?
The aTV Flash website makes the comment that this does not void my warranty, however, if I install the aTV software and my Apple TV no longer works, who do I call for support?
I am sure if I call Apple and I tell them that I installed 3rd party software, Apple will not be to willing to assist?
It looks like Couch Surfer Pro is one of the features that I am looking for to gain access to the various websites to watch the FREE TV episodes. I read a few posts that Couch Surfer does not currently work? Is that correct?
I saw a few comments about a keyboard and mouse. I assume you connect these to the USB port or can you use something like a 4-port USB switch and connect a external hard drive, mouse and keyboard and make all of them work? I did read that maybe there is no current support for the keyboard?

Thanks for any help!

I can only partially answer as I’m a new user myself.
3 days ago I bought a new Apple TV and purchased aTV Flash. My Apple TV already had v3.0.1 so I didn’t have to upgrade it. So, I decided to go ahead with the aTV Flash install. I printed out the manual, watched the video and went for it. It went very well and works great! Take time and follow instructions.
Good luck,

Thanks for the reply. I think that’s what I was needing to hear. I will go ahead and purchase aTV Flash and see what happens. It is supposed to be $5 off through New Years Day.

I did notice in the iTunes Store that there was podcast from Screencastsonline where in one of their very recent episodes, they actually talk about installing aTV Flash on the Apple TV. I actually watched that episode on the Apple TV. I just thought it was a little odd (maybe a vote of confidence from Apple) that Apple/iTunes would allow a podcast that actually talks about installing aTV Flash on the Apple TV.

Anyway, thanks again.

Awarlock, my first reaction to having the ATVFlash install podcast was the same as yours. However, as a long time user, I see ATVFlash as an enhancement that does not undermines Apple. If anything,it might help sell the product to someone who was looking for features not (yet?) provided by Apple. After seeing what it adds to the ATV, my son bought one along w/ATVFlash.

…I am still awaiting the return of Flash support for Couch Surfer and Keyboard support.

Keyboard support is available in 4.0.4. Simply navigate to the Manage Plugins menu (under Maintenance) and install the ‘Keyboard Magic’ item.

Flash support is key, and still missing. Air mouse iPhone software only works the mouse and not the keyboard.

Air Mouse ‘mouse’ and keyboard can be used. Alternatively the Apple ‘Remote’ app can be used as a mouse/keyboard inside of Couch Surfer Pro.

OK great, I dowloaded Apple remote and the keyboard works but cannot get the mouse to move? The standard gestures just resize the browser window size. Could you help me out and tell me how I can get the mouse to move?

You may need to disable the ‘Mouse/Loop Pointer Mode’ in the Browser > Settings menu.