Command+F (or Option+Command+F) to jump to search field on MacOS

I’m putting this up here because my muscle memory causes me to try and use this keyboard shortcut almost every time I open Infuse on the Mac.

I’d love if there was some way to get to the search box without resorting to the mouse. There’s not a universal “Jump to search” shortcut on MacOS, but the Apple Podcasts app uses Command+F and the Apple Music app uses Command+Option+F (using those as examples because Infuse seems to have taken strong design direction from both).

Any chance an upcoming version of Infuse could add this keybaord shortcut?

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How about now?

Try “Tab” :wink:

And an Edit. For some reason this works after you have clicked in the search box once and then click elsewhere you can the hit tab and it goes to the search box. This is not quite what is expected but it’s close. Maybe it could be a simple code fix so Tab would always jump to the search box.

Is there a way to have the “Find” menu command (and appropriate CMD-F shortcut) work under macOS? I don’t think it’s me, but I’m always ready to be told that the problem exists between the chair and the keyboard when learning new software :slight_smile:


Do you mean to get to the “Search” box?

Yep. No matter where I am in the tree navigation (Library, Home, Files), I always need to manually click in the search field instead of using a key combo.

I moved your post to a suggestion thread for that request.

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Thanks. Missed this thread in my searching. ‘Tab’ does seem to cycle through some of the user interface elements, but never seems to hit the search field for me (regardless of whether I had clicked in it or not).