Combining two shares into a single favourite

hello, I cannot find a way to combine two separate shares into one single favourite home screen folder,
for example I have movie files on nas and wd my cloud but they are displaying as separate favourites instead mixed, thanks

They’ll be combined in the Library under “All Movies” and you can make the “All Movies” in the Library a Favorite on the home screen so you don’t have to dig in the library for it every time. You can do the same for “All TV Shows”.

Currently, you can’t combine favorites from different sources on the home screen as far as I know.

Oh ok I can see what to do now but unfortunately all of my TV shows from my syn nas is there but my wd my cloud is not showing at all in the all TV shows section.

I’ve noticed that my shares using the upnp protocol aren’t being display in the library, any reason, thanks for the reply

Many of the features the library offers don’t work with UPnP or DLNA shares. You need to use a different protocol like SMB or FTP to be able to use all the features of the library.

Unfortunately the smb speeds are just slow to run my 4k remix hvec. I’ve just looked into another thread about this issue and seen your posts about changing the smb advanced setting and neither of them worked, but thanks anyway.

Did you try FTP or one of the other protocols?

SMB should work but it’s not the only way.

Sorry but I have never seen ftp protocol before, how do I access this?

The users guide gives some basics on this and also some protocol specific help near the bottom of the guide.

Thank you very much for your help bullseye:)

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