Combining Filters / Global "unseen" switch

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Still a question about Infuse Pro (5.5.2) on my iPad.

to watch movies or TV shows on my big TV, I currently use a Kodi Installation.
In Kodi there is a global option to filter for example movies. You can choose “only unwachted”, “only wachted” or “all movies”.
These option is respected by all other “views” Kodi offers.

I you have activated “unwatched only”, enter the Genre View and select a genre, only unwatched movies of this genre are shown.
Is there an option to have such a global filter for “watched / unwatched” movies and tv show episodes in Infuse as well?

If not, please consider this as feature request.
If this is possible in Infuse, I’m thinking about to move from a windows based Kodi setup to a apple TV with Infuse :slight_smile:

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Good idea. :slight_smile:

Moved to suggestions.

Hi, any news on this feature request?
What are the odds, that this makes it into a future infuse release?


A answer would be nice, if there is a chance that this will be part of a future release.
Scrolling lists of hundereds of movies to find a unwatched movie of a specific genre is really annoying.

The idea is really good. How long does it take to realize an idea like this?

this week I received my new Apple TV 4k.
I have a library with about 2000 Movies and 3000 TV Show episoeds on a NAS.
The NAS access is using SMB and all video files are part of the library.
Scanning took some time, but worked well, also the iCloud Sync, which copied the settings from my iOS device.

But …
seaching for a unwatched movie is a pain.
Usually I pick the movie I want to see by genre. But with Infuse I have to scroll a long list of movies, until I find one I haven’t watched yet.

This is very inconvenient.

I ask two times, if a globel switch could be integrated, to toggle between all-seen-unseen, no matter in which view is active.
A switch to show only unseen videos would also be an improvement. And I don’t mean the predefined “unseen” library view.

But the staff seems not interessted to answer this.

I see a lot of threads here, were Staff members give a “maybe” oder “possibly” linke answer, and to any additional question there is no reaction.

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I just saw the “Additional Library filters” in the upcoming features list.

I hope, there will be a seen / unseen filter as well.

any chance this will be implemented?

Is there any support here? I have a " unwatched TV Shows " in the default filter list, but no " unwatched movies " ???
A real nightmare…
Seeing you don’t even answer JMcClane questions is really frustrating.

This is a thread in the “Suggestions” forum asking for a specific global filter in addition to another filter selection.

If you want to have an “Unwatched Movies” list on the ATV Infuse home screen go to Library > Movies > Long press on “Unwatched” > Select “Add to Lists”

Doesn’t seems to work.
I am talking about the Infuse homescreen lists, the one we choose with the icon next to the refresh one. I have no " Unviewed Movies" there:/
If I do your step by step suggestion, I have " add to favorites ", not Lists.

The Library favorite should be the first in the row on the left. I’n not talking about the “playlists” or “Settings” icons at the top of the screen, If you open that and then follow the steps above you should see the options.

There is a users guide here that has pics and step by step instructions Managing Favorites & Lists – Firecore

Ok perfect! Thank you!
By the way, do you know why the ‘Recently Added Movies’ list do not order the movies in the…well… most recently added?
My last added movie is in the middle of the list, which is not really useful.
Thanks again

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