com.firecore files fail to install?

I'm having an issue installing basic applications via the atv menu.

I've used seasonpass to jail break and now see the nitoTV & Maintenance options.  When I go into Maintenace > Manage Extras and try to install for example, I get the following error message:

Installation Faild!

E:Couldn't find package com.firecore.lastfm tree...

The same issue happens when installing software via the nitoTV nitoTV > Install Software. Any suggestions?


I can't install anything as well.

Couch Surfer says:


E: Couldn't find package com.firecore.couchsurfer


I found this in another fourm

This issues is fixed in the latest version of Seas0nPass (0.6.5).

Download here:

I had the same problem but with the new update my problem was solved.

-fresh restore of device

-connect to tv set language


-install atv flash