Color Tone mapping on 4KSDR TV

Dear all,
this is my first post, I bought new ATVK4 just one month ago and I downloaded Infuse 5 pro with lifetime update.
My intention was to play my 4K HDR .mkv files on my Loewe 55” UHD without HDR support.
Unfortunately when I play these files (i.e. The amazing Spider-man, RedSparrow, Logan, The Martian, Lucy, etc.) the colors appear too dark than the corresponding 1080p file.
The ATV4K is setted in the following mode:
Video output 4K sdr 24hz
Color profile RGG high (I tried the other options also)
I’d like to understand if ther’s some other parameters in order to obtain the correct color output.

Kind regards,

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Welcome to the forum!

You’re not doing anything wrong, but we have a few pending changes which may help with issues like you are seeing.

Dear James,
many thanks for your reply.
I’ll keep ‘n touch for further update at hoping that my experimented issue can be resolved.
Kind regards,

Quick update.

We have these changes implemented for the upcoming 5.8.1 version.

If you want to try the beta early, just let me know. :slight_smile:

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Dear James,
this sound good!!!
Great info…
I’d like to try this beta version, so please let me know how do it and how come back in case of problem.
Many thanks

PM sent. :slight_smile:

Hi James,
May I be included as a tester?

Thank you

Pm sent.

Thank you!

I already download and installed the beta version and I performed some test with a 1080p panel with Amazing Spider-Man 4K HDR version.
Tomorrow or the day after I’ll perform the test with 4K SDR panel.
Until this moment the color mapping seems correct.
Kind regards

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I was having the same issue. Happy to try beta

Hello all,

James and dev team, thanks for improving our experience in the next release solving this issue.

Pikkholoh, mrrobotoplus, Would you be so kind as to share your impressions with us of the beta release? I’d appreciate it if you’d share some pics with the differences as well as James did in his previous message.

Thanks in advance.

I know you’re anxious to see the new goodies (me too! :wink: ) but James is the only one that can really talk about beta releases in the forum. That cuts down on the confusion when little differences and big changes happen during the beta process. :slight_smile:

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Excuse me, I didn’t know about that.

I have exactly the same problem with infuse pro. I’d like to try this beta version too. Is this possible ???

Infuse 5.8.1 has been submitted to Apple, and we hope to have it available on the App Store very soon. :slight_smile:

Dear all,
during these days I performed some tests with new release of infuse comparing with the old one.
In my opinion the color manage is good.
I taken some pictures directly from my tv (sorry for the poor quality), where it’s possible note the lighter color of the new release.
Kind regards,

Thanks for these pictures! I agree with you that there’s an improvement with the colour management with the new version. I appreciate your work testing for all of us the beta version.



Is the new hdr to sdr tone mapping output wide color gamut? In other words bt2020/sdr for original hdr content? Or does it down convert to rec709/sdr?

As a projector owner, I’d love to be able to keep the wider color (of uhd), while keeping the standard gamma.


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5.8.1 with the new tone mapping is now available on the App Store. :slight_smile: