Color issues with Dolby Vision on Mac

macOS 12.1 ,mbp 14 built-in xdr display ,infuse 7.3(all releases)
just wondering if i maybe have a problem with my files (kinda doubt it since i have many,)
having tested all the infuse 7.3 beta releases -there are 5 releases -

all my movies play correctly -not purple and green like before - however they seem to be in sdr …

i leave the metadata below as wel as screenshots of what dv vs hdr10 looks like.i already reported this problem but who knows if someone here already encountered that issue

edit : mkv and mp4 are problematic,iso seems to play just fine it seems…



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macOS 12.1 ,linfuse beta Version 7.3 (7.3.3942).mbp 14 xdr

somehow the same file in hdr10 (not even hdr10+ ) will look much better and colors will pop up more (without losing details),meanwhile dv looks rather dim and colors are washed out ,especially the reds

hdr10 files metadata says its 1000nits max
dv file is using profile 5 (dvhe.05.06)

see below pics

What version number of Infuse? When you say “latest infuse beta” that could change before this gets addressed. It always helps to put the actual number of the version and since it is a beta also do as requested in the very first testflight thread by sending in a diagnostics and posting the code here.

If you’re seeing strange behavior with a particular feature please submit a report so we can look into it. On iOS this can be done via Settings > Email Us, and on tvOS via Settings > Submit Diagnostics. Don’t forget to post your 5 digit code in the relevant beta thread!

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makes sense,edited ,thanks

ill do as well but since i saw there is a thread in community i thought id share,many someone encountered this as well,ill report it though

i reported from testflight btw,was it a bad idea?

If you see a similar issue in the open forum then you could reload the release version of Infuse and verify you are seeing the same issue in both the current release version as well as the beta. Otherwise problems you see in beta need to stay in the beta forum.

you dont get me,i mean seeing there is a beta thread in the forum i figured id share it here as well

no similar issue in stable ofc since it doesnt support dv :slight_smile:

and yes i ask a lot of questions ,i know

but i posted it in beta forum didnt i ? it remains private no?
im going to try posting differently maybe andsee if i do it right
just did,im now confident its been posted in beta private forum im sure ")

You’re absolutely fine, what I was referring to was when you said

Just wanted to make sure that if you shared in the open forum you kept it to the released versions for discussion.

You posted in the correct place and I appreciate you testing things out. There are many beta testers that seem to never post. It’s nice to have those that do. :wink:

I just combined your two threads into one so it’s easier for people to track. :+1:


Well imo the purpose of beta testing is to report all the possible bugs ,i have seen other bugs as well but will post them as a long list i presume

Pretty surprised nobody talks about this issue as DV playback is sth at the core lol

Thanks for combining

Can you upload a sample you are having issues with?

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Sure ,I’ll try to find a tool to take a sample,maybe you can advise me one ?

That form will accept any file size, so you can upload the full thing if you want.

fine,ill share several files which i will simply call DV and hdr10 for ease of understanding.

ill try to share them reduced cuz i dont want to annoy you with big files,if possible…

Big files are fine, but if you want to clip out a sample you can do so by following these steps.

thanks,last thing,i have a big ISO file which seems to work in DV ,and i think it may be intersting that u see it to compare with mp4 and mkv,however i cant seem to find a tool allowing to cut ISO …

You won’t be able to cut the actual ISO. You might be able to open the ISO, extract one of the stream files and cut that…but it might easier to just upload the whole thing.

it is 80gb lol,i cant send over 50gb apparently lol

it is done,uploaded !

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Sucks i can’t send u its metadata as i cannot read it …any news on the topic ?

Thanks !

has this problem been aknowleged ,have my files been checked ? im starting to think the bug is on my end since no one else complains about it apparently