I decided to add the movies “Collections” to my favourites. Then I discovered that it on shows the first 30. I go to the movies area and check the list of collections and they are all there. But then I go to the favourites and any after 30 are missing.
If there somewhere I can change this to show all of my collections instead of only 30?

I noticed after more checking, that it is not the first 30 but some sort of random selection.
I go to library/movies/collections and there are 137 groups under collections. Then chose “add to lists”, and now the atar appears after the word collections.
When I return to the main screen, there is now a heading “movies - collections “ with 30 groups showing. What happened to the other 107.
I use atv 4K infuse 6 pro with latest update.
Is this the way it’s suppose to work?

Currently, home screen lists are limited to 30 items.

However, if you want to have quick access to your collections, you can remove the list and add a favorite. Doing this will allow you to view all collections with a single tap from the home screen.

Thank you for the tip. This did what I was trying to do by adding collections to the list.
I don’t know why there should be a difference of a limit for the list feature as this is where I expected see this feature.
I’m glad there is a forum here to learn these little tips.