Sure don’t understand collections. I go to collections and I get “Move along, nothing to see here”

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Do you have any movie collections in your library? How are you connected to your media server? (SMB, DLNA, FTP etc)

I am connected to the same collection via Plex Media Server and a MyCloud NAS (WD). I have not set up any collections on these two devices. However, it seems like the verbiage insinuates that some movie collections are created based on sequels.

Collections from Plex are not supported in the current version, but we’re planning to add them in an upcoming release.

Right now, for non-Plex shares, Infuse will group sequels into collections based on info from TMDb.

EG The Fast and the Furious Collection — The Movie Database (TMDb)

Question though James. Before in Infuse 5 I use Plex and had collections automatically by infuse… after 6 came. They’re gone. What’s changed?

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