Any chance of having that option disable collections in ALL of the movie library choices EXCEPT for “Collections”?

Many collections have multiple genres and age ratings so the real info is still hidden until you open the collection and search for the one that fits that specific criteria.

That’s actually what this change does. :slight_smile:

By default Collections will be available in All Movies and Collections. Turning off Collections will make them visible in the Collections filter only.

Collections are no longer listed in genres, release year, etc… with either setting.

Thanks so much! You’re working overtime for that Starbucks Gold card! :slight_smile:

Is there also a possibility planned to change the collection names and blurred Background? ??

No immediate plans for this right now, but maybe in the future.

I have Collections turned on for Infuse 6. Every movie that supposed to be in a collection works except for the SAW series. Any idea on how to force them into a Collection? Tried removing and adding the movies again, doesn’t work.

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When you say that the saw movies don’t work do you mean that none of them are grouped in a collection at all or are some in a collection and others aren’t included?

If you provide the file names it may help.

  1. None of them are grouped in a collection at all.
  2. Name of Files:
    Saw (2004).mp4
    Saw II (2005).mp4
    Saw III (2006).mp4

    Saw 3D (2010).mp4
    Jigsaw (2017).mp4

Thank you!

What kind of device are you streaming from? Are you using Plex?

I’m taking the files from Google Drive and I’m on my iPad / iPhone. Not using Plex at all.

Well I created copies of the movies you listed with the names you provided and I get all the correct metadata and artwork and like you, I get no collection showing so I’m guessing there’s a disconnect somewhere on TMDB site between the movies and collections for this one.

I am checking on TMDB and it looks like they don’t have the individual movies set as part of the Saw Collection so I’ve posted over there to see if they’ll help a newbie out.

If they don’t maybe James will get a chance to poke around a bit and see if he can put on his wizard hat and figure it out. LOL

Just an update, the mods over at TMDB found that the links from the movies to the collection were not in place and they have relinked them so we should see the Saw movies generate the collection after all of their API servers catch the updates. That may take some time so Let me know if you see it. I’m just guessing it should be available in a day or so.

For some strange reason, it works now!

I have another question though: is there a way to make our own collection? For example “Cornetto Trilogy” which consist of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. I know it’s not really a Collection because the storyline is not linked, but it will be great if they show up as a collecton.

What, you find it strange that they actually responded to and fixed a problem?? :wink:

There’s a thread here talking about that here Local Metadata vs Online Metadata - Problem in Collections but for the Readers Digest condensed version, creating collections isn’t currently available in Infuse :slight_smile:

Glad that the Saw Collection finally showed up for ya and thanks for getting back!