Is it possible to use collections outside of the Library? I have infuse setup so that it shows my favourite (movies, tv shows etc) and within those movies and episodes are stored inside genre folders. If I look at the x-men movies for example they are not grouped into a collection, however if I look at the library they are.

I cannot comment on the question above, but I see another issue as well. Collections appearing outside the library would be great if it could be toggled on/off. Currently if you manually put a collection in a folder (your only option), it inexplicably defaults to the top of the sort order regardless of desired sort order, This is not good, and I cannot see this as anything but a longstanding bug. My main gripe with this new collection functionality is when I have 2 versions of the same movie (standard and 3D), there is no way to differentiate in metadata, so one must put the 3D versions in another share. This worked fine, but now collections shows every movie with a 3D version as a collection with two identical versions (because metadata will not allow 3D differentiation). James?

Collections are only available in the Library.

However, you can create a Favorite from any category in the Library (a genre, a rating, release year range, etc…). Just long-press on a category item to reveal this option.