Collections view with posters instead of fanart

It really bothers me as well. The strange thing is that its already the case on the iPad, but not on the ATV. I didn’t see any option to change it. So why the different implementation?

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Oh wtf. I was not aware of this but just checked and you are 100% right.

Agreed. I think showing the posters would be much more consistent as that’s how they’re displayed when they’re not collections. And then collections that have matching posters will all be displayed together.

Yep, another vote for posters, for consistency if no other reason.

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Any update on this please, would be good if we could have a choice at least between fan-art and poster.

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There’s a thread where you can track what’s on the short list for new features coming here Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

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Agreed. It makes no sense to not have the movie posters displayed in Collections. The iOS versions do it so why can’t the tvOS version do it?

I’d really love to see this feature too. Any chance of it being made available?

At least with Version 6.4.3 and Emby Collections, I get Posters for the single collection entries.

Can anyone confirm, that Infuse also show Posters in its standard collection view?

I’m not seeing this.

Honestly I’d like the option to just click one of my Plex collections and have a grid view (posters) of movies in that collection. If anyone knows if this option is available please let me know.

+1 for this. As shown here the better layout works when viewing through a Favourite but not through the Library.

When you currently view movie collections the other moves appear at the bottom as either fan art type backgrounds or in some cases a view from the movie. Could we have the option to have these all as their actual movie covers. For me, that would make navigating much easier as I just need to look at the movie cover instead of reading the text below.

Some might say reading is not an issue, but when you have all the Harry Potters the first two words of each thumbnail are all Harry Potter - you have to stop on each thumbnail to see what it is - just having the actual movie poster would be far faster :slight_smile:



I’ve been so frustrated by the way collections are displayed. PLEASE change the layout so we can display collections by cover rather than fan art

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If you want to show your support for this suggestion don’t forget to like the first post in the thread. :wink:

Adding links to other threads asking for same thing:

Hi. I’ve noticed an inconsistency with the way movie collections are displayed.

If I access movies through the library, collections display like this:

Whereas if I access through a favourite network folder (not part of the library), it displays like this:

I much prefer the display showing the portrait poster/cover image, rather than the landscape image.

I can’t find any way to tweak this - but would be great in a future version if collections in the library could display like the second photo, showing the portrait poster/cover image.



Hi James,


a user pointed me to the fact that Infuse on iOS uses Posters in collections details view whereas tvOS uses fanart

See enclosed screenshots

Although we discussed already the behavior in tvOS being a design decision you took some time ago, I again want to ask to reconsider this decision and make Infuse on tvOS at least with an option behave the same way as on iOS in this respect.

Thanks for listening


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Merged threads. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Please to see the planned tag too :grinning:

Infuse 7.0 now uses posters for Collections on iOS, Apple TV, and Mac. :slight_smile: