Collections view with posters instead of fanart?

When opening a collection of movies, all the included movies are shown with their fanart at the bottom view.

Is it possible to have them displayed with their poster?

Searching / selecting a movie by their fanart feels weird. Poster should be shown (just like the other movies when opening details view for a movie, that is not in a collection).



Yes, please! This makes much more sense.

Never thought about that, but now that would be a nice change :slight_smile:

I want this changed too! Switching from “all poster” in my movie library to “all fanart” when I enter a collection feels a bit unrefined. Better yet: Implement this feature with a submenu: hold the main button on a collection and there you could change from fanart to poster and vice versa.


I want to get this old post out of the sunken and request people to think about it and maybe vote for this feature.

And perhaps getting it into one of the next versions. :wink:

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It really bothers me as well. The strange thing is that its already the case on the iPad, but not on the ATV. I didn’t see any option to change it. So why the different implementation?

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Oh wtf. I was not aware of this but just checked and you are 100% right.

Agreed. I think showing the posters would be much more consistent as that’s how they’re displayed when they’re not collections. And then collections that have matching posters will all be displayed together.

Yep, another vote for posters, for consistency if no other reason.

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Any update on this please, would be good if we could have a choice at least between fan-art and poster.

Welcome to the forum!

There’s a thread where you can track what’s on the short list for new features coming here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

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Agreed. It makes no sense to not have the movie posters displayed in Collections. The iOS versions do it so why can’t the tvOS version do it?

I’d really love to see this feature too. Any chance of it being made available?

At least with Version 6.4.3 and Emby Collections, I get Posters for the single collection entries.

Can anyone confirm, that Infuse also show Posters in its standard collection view?

I’m not seeing this.

Honestly I’d like the option to just click one of my Plex collections and have a grid view (posters) of movies in that collection. If anyone knows if this option is available please let me know.