Collections question

What would make movies change location in collections? One day M. I. Collection is first one in a row. Next day it is the second one in row. Another day it’s at the end of a row. Large movie collection so I can’t determine if anything is missing. There have been no changes to nas drives.
I was wondering what I should be looking for to determine issue.

Which row?

(Infuse does have one specific row dedicated to randomizing collection contents; optionally hidden from the Home Screen.)

Have you changed Infuse’s sort order setting in between noticing these movements?

Are you using Vanilla Infuse or Infuse + Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin?

Which row doesn’t matter, if it’s the first one in a row on day 1, then it should be there on day 2. Only use infuse, not Plex and the others. No changes were made.
If the it moves, doesn’t that mean something has been added or removed from the Collections or the sort has changed.
I could make a list (it will be a very long list) and number each movie collection (None are custom) and then go through the list every day. This would be a lot of work.
I was looking for a way to find what is causing this.
I check the “Other” to see if something has changed in the metadata but there is nothing there, incase an auto refresh
has miss labeled something.
Cause of my collection size, I watch the first icons in each row as I scroll down the screen to determine where to stop. This is how I noticed this. Since it’s not happening daily, I thought it was me at first.

Okay. Gotta admit I don’t understand what you are asking.

Are we talking lists pinned to the home screen, or posters presented in a grid within a specific filtered view (all movies, recently added, sci-fi movies, 4K movies, 1980s movies, etc.)?

The type of filter you are using, and the way you choose to sort items (by recently added, by release date, by title, or by filename) will definitely effect where an item appears.

And no matter how you sort items, if you add or subtract other items from your library, that’s going to cause other items to move. If you are accessing someone else’s library remotely, changes made there will do the same.

Without providing further details, I’m not sure how you expect any help.

Maybe if I reword my question, it may help.
I’ve had infuse for years and have added movies. I have not added anything in the last few months. I go to the movie collection on home screen, and decided to watch the mission impossible collection when I noticed the issue. I am now watching the Fast and Furious collection, yesterday this happened again. I watch a movie each day so I started making mental note where to find the movie for next time.
All the collections come from TMDB metadata, no customs, don’t use filters or sorts, just the defaults which have not changed in years.
The movies don’t seem resorted so I don’t think it’s the sorting.
I am beginning to think infuse is not maintaining the proper metadata. If a movie collection has for example 100 different collections, and mission impossible is collection number 55 on day 1 and number 54 on day 2, then something is changing.
I am not adding, moving, or renaming anything on the drives, just watching using infuse.
My question is how do I go about finding out what is happening? What should I be looking for? The we can determine if there is a glitch or it’s something I’ve done.
Any help will be welcomed, as I hate it when things don’t work correctly.

I’m reading this as:

“If my movie library (meaning, all my owned movies) includes 100 TMDB collections as defined by TMDB (meaning, 100 distinct film series, such as the one collection made up of the four “Avengers” movies and a second collection made up of the three “John Wick” movies ) …”

Am I correct so far?

“… and the poster for the Mission: Impossible Collection is the 55th poster from the top on Wednesday, but only the 54th from the top on Thursday …”

“… then didn’t a TMDB Collection disappear from my library?”

Is that more or less correct?

You and me, both.

Just trying to read through and I’m not 100% sure I understand but one thought, if you’re viewing the Movie Collections from the Library and you are seeing a collection change in where you see it on the Movie Collections page it may be because at TMDB a new collection was added and that new collection that was added includes a movie you have that wasn’t in collections before. After the new collection was added Infuse would see you have one or more of that new collection and add that new collection to your Movies Collection page. That will change the order of where things are with the addition.

If this is truly happening daily then you may want to count the total number of collections you have and see if the total number is increasing when you notice a change.

I know this could be a big undertaking but hopefully only needed a few times as a test)

The TMDB database is constantly growing so there are bound to be new collections being added regularly.

I hope I wrote this clearly and that I’m understanding what you’re seeing.

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Very good point.

Also, users will keep creating collections that the mods at TMDB have banned for not adhering to the rules in their contribution bible, which the mods then delete, and this is why you might see the collection count occasionally drop.

The is yes to your 3 assumptions. I will make a paper list and check what is happening for a few days and see if I can see something to explain. I’ll let you know what I find.


I noticed one collection “Mystery Woman” had a Germain poster. I clicked on refresh, no change. Went to fist movie in collection and chose edit metadata. When I backed out of Mystery Woman collection, this collection was no longer listed in Movie Collections.
To see if this is constant, I repeated this on the “National Treasure” collection. It also is now no longer showing in the movie collection.
This was a few hours ago and they have not returned, is this normal?