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I prefer infuse in a lot of ways to the Plex app, but the main reason I just can’t use it is the way that it handles collections.

I see there is a collections option, which I have on, but the entire point of using them is so that the individual films are hidden behind the collection like a folder. The problem with Infuse is that all films are just shown rather than hiding the ones behind a collection. This makes my library very messy and hard to navigate as I have it sorted nicely.

Am I just missing something? Or can we please have proper collection integration where I will only see the collection rather than all the films spread out?

If you have the Collections option enabled in Infuse > Settings, Infuse will display a single collection item while browsing through the ‘All Movies’ category.

You can also access collections via the Library > Movie > Collections category.

If you’re browsing the Plex share directly, or are using library filters like by year, by rating, etc… then items will appear individually instead of in a collection.

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Oh interesting! That would be brilliant if true.

I am just trying “All films” on my phone right now as I haven’t before. Unfortunately most of my artwork just isn’t showing and films are not loading properly when they are clicked on. It seems random as to which ones are and are not. The collections are appearing which is brilliant but the blank films that won’t load also seem to be some of them inside the collections. Any ideas on this?

Thanks so much for your help! I really love your service and will be completely sorted if this works out.

When using Plex, Infuse will fetch artwork from Plex instead of using the online databases (TMDb and TheTVDB).

You may check to ensure the correct artwork appears in the Plex web app, and then use the Refresh option in Infuse on one of the affected items to refetch the latest metadata/artwork from Plex.

Indeed, I really like that about Infuse. However, all my artwork is perfect in Plex on every app, but refreshing unfortunately does nothing to help this in Infuse.

On a second look, it actually looks like there are just two entries for every film? Sometimes one in a collection and one not, and every other films has one version with full data and artwork but one with nothing. This definitely isn’t how it’s organised in Plex.

Sorry last update! Managed to fix this! It was a load of metadata left over from when I moved my library, thanks a lot for the help with the collections too, infuse is my number one choice now :slight_smile:

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Great to hear!

Thanks for following up.

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