Collections on Apple TV?

If you’re talking about the episode name, you can put anything you want after the S0XE0X and before the .ext. So “Lost In Space S01E01 Robot Drives Space Ship.mkv” would be fine.

Perfect. Thank you sir! I’ll get cracking. Do you get paid to moderate and assist schmucks like me? Is there a way I can compensate you for your time and assistance in this? You’ve been beyond awesome.

My return is having users pass on the info and enjoying the program. It’s all volunteer for this.

Glad you’re closing in on getting things working like you want.

As a side note, if you’re using a Mac for file maintenance there’s a great file rename built into the finder. :wink:

Well, you are a scholar a gentleman then. Thank you so much! I wish I could use the rename, the stupid NAS is QNAP, requires us to use their local host interface. :face_vomiting:

LOL Glad I went with Synology then. Enjoy and if you hit any other snags feel free to ask.

Have a great evening.

You too, and thank you again my good man. If I run into any snags, I’ll hit you up after I finish the renaming process. It would be sometime next week. Haha

Hi. Not sure if this is allowed…but I use a program called filebot to rename files. It links to TVDB. TMDB etc. and allows batch renaming. Might help…

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