Collections not showing up - Plex limitation?

So, it seems like there’s a number of Collections issues with the new update? I created some manual collections on Plex (since Plex doesn’t automatically create them) - Star Wars, RuPaul, Marvel, etc. Movies and TV shows, I just wanted to keep properties together.

On Infuse, none of these collections show at all. Can Infuse handle TV show collections? Or is it only movies? Just trying to bring some order to my library.

Before I used Plex (and only connected to my server directly), I remember Infuse creating a lot of collections automatically, but I lost Plex sync (watched status) and also ‘Skip Intro,’ which I really dig. So, am I giving up a bunch of stuff my using Plex as the middleman?

This post from James addresses this I believe.

Rats. I had hope because a single Jim Gaffigan comedy special had been placed in a collection unto itself and that showed up. I deleted that collection but created my own, but no dice.

EDIT: It should be noted, Plex MOVIE collections show up without issue. Plex TV SHOW collections do not. So, Infuse has no issue importing movie collections but does not recognize TV show collections. Also a shame that Plex doesn’t allow combined TV/movie collections to house all properties.

I guess if Infuse can eventually allow custom collections made in-app (is that the idea?), then these can be made. Although I suppose this can also be done by creating playlists? So, that’s a workaround. I guess then, how do they differ?

I’m a little confused about the collections feature in Infuse. Should it be creating its own collections (if they’re enabled in the settings), or is it only supposed to show collections that are in Plex?

I have collections turned off in Plex, but I tried turning on the different collections options in Infuse to test it out. The collections folder is still empty, however.

I believe that (assuming the option is enabled in Infuse) that it picks up native collections from TMDB…in the same way that Plex pulls them from TMDB.

I recently removed Plex completely from my life and Collections definitely show up for me.

I guess that is always an option. I miss skip intro, though. And I know I’m going to sound SUPER dumb - if I login to my server on my home network, will Infuse be able to access it when I’m not at home? Since it’s just a local IP and all. Plex helped me get around that, too.

Not dumb at all.
It’s something that I have been testing recently after I ditched Plex.

I haven’t had issues connecting whilst away from home. The caveat being there is obviously no transcoding so your signal/speed would need to be able to cope with the bitrate required for direct play.

That said I personally plan In advance for away from home viewing.
In infuse it works :100: as compared to Plex where it’s extremely unreliable.

I loved skip intros in Plex but purely the fact that video scrubbing (Video Preview Thumbnails in Plex speak) is done natively in Infuse compared to generating them in advance with Plex became my sweet spot.

Just a side note if you do stay with connecting infuse to a Media Server (and your liking for skip intros) Emby now does skip outros (closing credits) I believe.

So, I’m logged into my server via SSH - it should still find this library when I’m not at home? If so, I think I might be moving on from Plex…

At this point a disclaimer.

I have always been a Windows (57 year old) Kiddie.

I have always had remote access working.
But until recently my media was stored exclusively on Google drive.

I may be mis-speaking saying that local media can be accessed remotely depending how you are connecting to your media (FTP/SMB etc…) so I will bow out (but will follow this thread.)

Sorry if I unintentionally (possibly) misled you.

You can easily make TV Collections in Plex and then let it show on Infuse.

Movie collections show, tv don’t.

Infuse currently supports movie collections from Plex.

Support for other collection types will be added in a future update, and you can follow this thread for updates.

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