Collections not being read from local metadata

I use local metadata for all my content. In the case of Movies that means I have specified membership of movie collections using the set element as per the example below where the collection name is “Star Wars Collection”. I have Movies/Collection as a favorite and my collections used to be listed there, but I have noticed that is now empty (no collections at all). I can’t say precisely when this changed, but it is either a bug or Infuse no longer supports this :frowning: If I turn off the use of local metadata and wait for online metadata retrieval collections show again.

<title>Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker</title>
<set>Star Wars Collection</set>
  1. Is this a bug
  2. Do I need to use a different metadata tag now?
  3. Does my local metadata get used as well when online metadata is chosen (and if so does the local metadata take priority).

Hey ?
Unfortunately Infuse currently don’t support own Collections (with XML-Files)…
Only online available Collections will show up…

I hope it is possible in the Future to create own Collections and edit the Name, Fanart etc… ??

Thanks for the reply. I could have sworn it worked before so I’m blaming old age :wink: Presumably I had some folders set as Online Metadata. I can’t tell as I rebuilt my NAS and shares so it’s a new clean setup.

Why not produce Playlist from Plex on your Infuse. Very easy, flexible and fast.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have .nfo files for all my movies which Plex does not support (Plex if I used it would run on my readyNas and AFAIK there is no suitable .nfo plugin either). So I’d need to rescrape every title using Plex to address the issue. In terms of reward vs effort I think I’ll just have to live with no Collections

As an aside - during this process I have noticed Infuse online collections metadata scraping is poor - I ended up with a Blade Runner collection that contained the original and new Blade Runner movies (great) but also Blade! Not an Infuse issue, but to me it makes online metadata for collections seem unusable.