Collections not being grouped

Hey guys,

With the latest update my collections aren’t being grouped anymore.
In Settings I have Collections: On, but only while browsing “All Movies” are my collections grouped. If I go into “Recently Added” or “unwatched” they’re not grouped… Switching Collections on or off in settings only changes “All Movies” behavior. Is this a bug? Is it the way it’s supposed to be working? Is there some setting I’m missing somewhere?
Or am I the only one having this issue?

Sorry for the confusion. We’ve recently changed up how Collections work a bit.

With Collections on, items will be grouped in All Movies and Collections.

With Collections off, items will be grouped in Collections only.

Collections will not be displayed in other areas.

Yeah as @James said it’s the way it’s supposed to work. Collections being in Unwatched and Recently Added is a little annoying, when you just want to see the one that was recently added or the unwatched ones (I have around 800 movies, but only 4 unwatched… those unwatched showing in a collection is meh).

Hey guys, thanks for the replies!

I guess in your case it does make sense, didn’t think about that… In my case, Unwatched is my ‘go-to place’ to pick a movie. In there I keep movies I never watched, or the ones I watched years and years ago and recently added them to Infuse so I can rewatch them. I have almost 650 movies in All Movies and around 130 unwatched, before the change nearly half of those unwatched movies were grouped in just a few collections… maybe if we only have one movie unwatched of a collection then you could display just that movie, but if we have more than one unwatched you could display them as a collection. Maybe inside that collection only show the unwatched ones, not all? (I’m just thinking out loud here)
Or maybe after browsing a few times my unwatched movies with ungrouped collections I’ll just get used to it.

Either way I’m loving Infuse! It’s almost the only app I’m using nowadays on my Apple TV, so keep up the excellent work! :smiley:

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