Collections Madness (7.4.1 bug)

Since I updated to the last version, my library suddenly is crowded with nonsense 1 item collections. Makes no sense to have collections of movies that has only 1 item.

Could you provide a few examples?

Are these collections from TMDB or are they showing as custom collections?

Could you post a screen cap of what you’re seeing?

There seems to be ongoing bug where if a user has more than one copy of a given title in their library (such as having the same movie in both 1080p and 2160p versions; or the same movie in alternate cuts), and that title is also part of a TMDB collection …

Infuse will create a collection entry and add both copies of the movie to the new collection — even if no other films from the collection are present in the user’s library.

For example: You have two copies of Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune (one in 4K HDR, and one in 1080p SDR). You do not yet have the sequel — it’s still in production. But there exist at TMDB a “Dune Collection” and “Dune” is a member. Your two copies of Dune (part 1) are now included in a new “Dune Collection” which, on the collection page, still says there is only 1 movie in the user’s collection — as it would, since neither vanilla Infuse nor TMDB support multiple versions.

Perhaps the only Ghostbusters movie you’ll ever watch was the first one — and you love it so much you have that movie in two versions also. This also creates another single-title collection.


However, let’s say you alternatively have collected several copies of Apocalypse Now:

Apocalypse Now
Apocalypse Now Redux
Apocalypse Now Final Cut

And maybe each in multiple resolutions.

You might have as many as six copies of this masterpiece … but they will NOT be added to a Collection … because this film stands alone; and there is no Collection entry at TMDB.

This collections are all from TMDB. I do not own any custom collections. My sync is based on OneDrive storage, so there is no middle man (Jellyfin, Plex, etc).

This is not my case since I do not own multiple versions of movies.

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For some reason, I had checked it today and all those strange collections disappeared. I don’t know what happened, but the video recording is over there to prove I am not crazy.

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It sounds like when you updated it got the Collections turned on in the general settings and you saw it before it got everything synced for settings.

I’m guessing that if you go to Settings > General > Collections you’ll have it set to off. That’s the way I have it so collections don’t get mingled in with the all movie list. You can still see all collections in the library under “Collections”.

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It actually was always set to on. I like some collections like the Batman Trilogy and Spiderman (which I have all of the items), so it WAS on and it IS on. The problem was specifically collections with only one movie, something that never happened before and is not showing anymore, even though normal collections are showing up. It was a temporary thing I hope so.

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I’m your case, seems so - and that’s good.

But for those of us with multiple versions of same film … bug remains. :slightly_frowning_face:

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