Collections Issue

Hello, I have part of a trilogy on my local HD and the other parts in the cloud (Google Drive). When I go to collections view, I have 2 collections, one for the local movie and another for the Google Drive movies. Is it not possible to have all 3 movies in the same collection without them all being in the same place?

Could you provide the name of the collection and the split of which movies are on one and which are on the other?

John Wick and Narnia. 1 and 2 are on GD and 3 is on my local drive. For Narnia, 1 is on my local HD and 2 and 3 are on GD. I use Emby to get my local files in Infuse, if that makes a difference?

Collections for Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin will appear separately from files which are directly accessed by Infuse. This happens because Infuse uses the metadata and lists provided by these servers instead of fetching metadata on its own.

If you were to have Infuse access these files directly on your local share (via SMB for example) the local files would appear with the Google Drive files in the same collection.


Thank you James

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