Collections + Individual


when going through ALL MOVIES, the Collections feature is really awesome.

But it would be nice if it would also show the individual movies in the Movies area along with the collections.

Just a suggestion - having the collections appear on the right hand-side in its own column would look cool. Scrolling to the far right and ending up on a collection would allow you to scroll downward through the collections column. I’ve created a little mockup image of what I’m suggesting.

Hope you guys consider it :slight_smile:

Were you aware that you can turn off “Collections” in the Infuse Settings and still see all of the collections in the Library under Movies > Collections. The best of both worlds. :wink:

Hi NC,

thanks, yes - I’m aware this can be done.

One would think that the best of both worlds is having ALL YOUR MOVIES and COLLECTIONS in the same space - individually, collectively, and recoginizable. But yeah - okay - a few extra clicks (3 to be exact) on my Apple TV Remote never harmed anyone. Cheers :stuck_out_tongue: