Collections in "Other" Library Section?


Due to work and family stuff, it’s been awhile since I’ve used Infuse. Fired it up recently and I was surprised to find that my custom collections in the “Other” library no longer show up. By which I mean: I can add videos to the collections, but they just stay on the Other screen, as opposed to the expected behavior, which is to have them tucked away nice and neat under a single collection “umbrella” as in Movies.

Is this a new bug or just the way Infuse will work from now on? Or am I doing something drastically wrong? I know it used to work the way I’m envisioning because I spent a lot of time organizing my Other videos into custom collections.


What version number of Infuse are you using?


Sorry. Now it’s 7.6.3. Just hit the App Store. :slight_smile:

Also, just a tad bit more info: When I right-click on the videos in question and choose “Collections,” I can see that the proper custom collections are already checked off in the resulting dialog box. So, Infuse knows these videos are associated with a Collection – it’s just not assembling the collections in the Other library view.

Weirdly, if I go to “Collections” in the Library menu, the collections DO show up there!

I’m not quite sure what problem you’re having. The “Other” section of the Library is where videos that don’t have matches in the metadata search, being in a collection isn’t part of the sorting for Others.

Are you wanting to have your collections on the home screen? The other section really isn’t intended for grouping things together.

I want the videos in Other to behave like the videos in Movies and TV Shows, which they used to. I understand the purpose of the Other section – I stash stuff like home movies and such there. If I go into Movies, for example, I have a Custom Collection for the Fleischer Superman movies that is position in-line with the rest of the videos.

But in Other, I have a Custom Collection for, for example, Springsteen music videos. And that Collection doesn’t show up. It used to, but it no longer does so. The Boss is just scattered all over Other.

If this was changed at some point, then it was changed. :man_shrugging: As I said, I haven’t opened Infuse in a while and I was surprised to see the Custom Collections I curated gone.

Does that collection show up in Collections section of the Library? I don’t recall ever seeing collections showing in the “other” category.

One other thought, have you gone through the Collections settings?

Yep, it shows up in the Collections “area” of the Library menu.

I have all of the checkboxes checked!

And " Group Movies Into Collections" is on?

Yep! Sure is!

@NC_Bullseye I have this problem too. On version 7.6.4 and with all settings checked, Movie collections only work in the All Movies folder which is dumb because I have different folders separated and have collections within them that I cannot see now.

Don’t even get me started on TV collections because that has never worked on Infuse. I don’t understand why the Infuse team cannot just replicate 1:1 what it shows on Plex? Why make everything so confusing and complicated with their own features when it’s already setup for them in Plex?