Collections Go missing

When I add a movie that’s an addition to a collection I all ready have, after the scan, the entire collection vanishes,

Not until I run another scan does the collection reappear with the new movie in too.

Any thoughts ?

TV OS 12.4 (16M568)
Infues Pro 6.1.5 (2714)

Is this on a plex share?

No, it just a standard SMB share from a NAS

The movies don’t vanish just the collection, if I look under movies they are all still there and the new one too

Are you saying that all of the movies that make up a collection disappears after you add another one of that collection?

Or do you have collections turned on in settings and the collection icon disappears for a collection that you add to? If you have collections turned on, could you try turning them off and see if it still does this in the library movie collection sort?

I have collections turned off all the time, when I look under Movie-Collections (favourite) the icon for that collection disappears for a collection that I have added a movie to,

In “All movies” the films and the new one always appear

hope that makes sense!

Infuse may still be working to index the files, so there may be a short delay before the updated collection is available.

You can keep an eye on the indexing status in Settings > Library.