Collections cover change alone


since several weeks, collection reload alone and change cover

I use French metadata for movies tv show, but for collection I change it to english covers are betters, but when I choose movies all collections change to french, It appears since several week
Can we lock collection cover ?

Thank you

Infuse will first try to get artwork in your native language.

However, on Apple TV you can use English covers instead of French.

  1. Switch Metadata Language to English in Infuse > Settings
  2. Locate the collections you wish to update
  3. Long-press on the collection’s cover and select the Refresh option
  4. Repeat for other collections, as needed
  5. Switch back to French (or Auto) once you’ve updated all the collections

Hi Jame I check your process but collection cover refresh to old cover after app reload, stay in english didn’t refresh to old one, but I need french cover to movies

Thank you

hi James, I already have the same issue, but now the collection cover are in German

I tried automatic metadata and French

Can we lock collection cover after refresh metadata? For the moment I change collection cover to English, but when I change mate data to French they automatic refresh it

than you