Collections are great, but can we support "local" collections?

Was reading through the following topic (being able to change collection artwork),

And and wanted to know if it is possible to create “local” collections through the XML format or some other mechanism? (can’t seem to find this)

The reason I ask is that I have a number of “normal” movie series that yield themselves well to collections, X-Men, Jason Bourne, Hunger Games, etc. I have some others, like “Fred & Ginger” (for the dancing duo) or “Esther Williams”, which are not detected, as they are not so much a “movie series” but a collection of my own interest.

When I do view my (well organized directory structured) video library through the “library” feature, many of these “other” films, in addition to sports material and home videos that I have want to join in and be displayed in the same view. It creates quite a cluttered, disorganized arrangement.

Any recommendations on getting the great “collection” graphics for most of my directory structures, while augmenting with my own for these more “local” collections? I do use cover art .png files for some items (mostly sports), and am thinking that this might be a possible workaround (if its supported for directories). But I’m not keen on manually saving locally all the “collection” artwork from other sites.



This is something we may consider for a future version, and there is a thread in the suggestions section you may consider voting for. :slight_smile:

Done. Voted for the link you provided. Thanks for this direction.

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