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When I first bought my aTV 4K & Infuse there was a post on how great it is to use it with Plex Media Server.

So yes, indeed, it is very good, but it is also a sign of regression since we cannot benefit from the collections / Saga.

Do you plan to add it in the near future or should I consider deleting PMS ?



What a success ?

And again, Not sure what your response is referencing.

The saga are empty, I contacted you via Twitter, the explanation comes from the fact that it’s because I use PMS, it’s planned but pure when?

I’m not an employee of Firecore so I didn’t see what you posted on twitter, sorry. I think the language difference is what’s throwing me off a bit. When you say “Saga” do you mean collections for Plex? If so, that’s on the “Upcoming Features” post here in suggestions but it’s under the “Planned” heading so I’d guess it would be at least a few updates away since they have what’s in 5.9.2 and what’s in progress for the one after that.

I do know that Firecore is a little reserved in giving dates for future enhancements since it can turn into a nightmare when unforeseen problems in the software make them reschedule features for future releases. Then people get angry that they didn’t get that feature when promised. Sorry if I misunderstood.

Ok, thank you

If you haven’t already liked it, you should like the other thread for it (in case the rankings are still used for ordering what is planned): Plex collections


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