Collection Updates

I made a change on to the Ghostbusters Collection. I added the most recent Ghostbusters movie about a week ago but Infuse still hasn’t updated the collection. Is there anything I need to do to update that? I did check and the collection still has all 3 movies but Infuse only has the 1st two movies.


Results from TMDb are heavily cached, so it may take a few days before changes are available to apps like Infuse.

Keep in mind that you will need to use Infuse’s Edit option to refresh the metadata for the 3rd movie to ensure it gets grouped in the correct Collection.

So I had to reinstall Infuse on one of my AppleTVs and it picked up the change. The other AppleTV which I didn’t reinstall and I keep refreshing the Metadata for the movie still hasn’t updated. Any thoughts?

Never mind. Seems The Movie DB admins removed my change.