Collection Sorting Question

I have my Movies Library in Infuse set to display titles by file name. I named the files with out ‘A’, ‘An’, and ‘The’. For some reason Infuse would ignore ‘The’ but not ‘A’. This fixed it for me. Now I found that all of my Collections are ordered in the Library by the name of the first movie alphabetically in the series and not the series name. For example, The Divergent Collection is grouped with the A’s because the first movie in the series alphabetically is Allegiant. If I sort them by Title, then the Collections are displayed the in correct place, The Divergent Collection with the D’s, but now all of the movies with the letter ‘A’ at the beginning like A Knight’s Tale or a A Wrinkle in Time are with the A’s instead of the K’s or W’s or what have you. Any ideas on if there is a fix for this? Thanks.

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I think this is similar to the issue I am having