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The movie collection of “Mystery Woman” has it’s poster in German. Went to TMDB and their collection poster is in German, only 1 choice. I moved my movies into a single folder and added an English poster to this folder as “folder.jpg”. Infuse still shows the TMDB poster.
Refresh made no difference and I’ve been trying this for days and no results.
Am I doing this wrong? I followed the Infuse guide.

At this moment custom collection artwork isn’t supported. You can add support to this thread:

This is the right Suggestion Thread for this, which is already marked as „planned“ :wink::+1:

As long as the poster you have meets TMDBs requirements it’s almost as fast to add the poster to their database for the English poster and then it’d be available for all of the users. :wink:

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PLUS, it’s exceptionally fast. I add my personally-modified or created posters to TMDB almost daily. Soon as you create an account, you can upload posters (I sometimes add several varieties at a time for any given title), and they go live immediately.

By default, all newly uploaded posters are assigned as “no language” (the default for posters without text); you’ll want to click “no language” (or refresh the page after uploading if that option wasn’t available) and change the language to English (or whichever language the text on your provided poster is written in). If there are no other English posters, your poster becomes the default for English. If there are more than one, you can up-vote the best one … or down-vote those that don’t apply. Or, if necessary, change the language of a mislabeled poster.

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This site doesn’t always have the latest or ultra high-resolution posters or a gigantic selection, but it’s a good place to find those transparent logo images helpful when making your own versions of posters, and sometimes unique fanart not yet available on TMDB (Posters are most often 1000x1500 and Fanart is usually limited to 1920x1080p). Supports Movies, TV, TV Seasons, and Music.


This site has a huge, well curated and easily searchable selection of Collection, Movie, TV, and TV season posters grouped into easily downloadable bundles by creators who clearly pride themselves on providing artwork that remains consistent through whole series and entire universes — which my OCD finds highly satisfying. Supports Movies and TV with high-res images and lots of original fan-made content.