Collection plex?

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I recently invested in a NAS, I have a little problem, so I go through plex media server from the NAS with the reading from infuse, however infuse cannot detect my film collection? Is there a particular setting to make from plex or infuse?
I would like to point out that I deactivated the integrated metadata and the metadata recovery, I don’t know if it’s related? however all options are activated in the collection section

Thanks in advance

hat does not answer my question, the plex is perfectly synchronized with infuse, only the collection of films in an adequate collection does not work

My apologies, but I don’t understand what you are saying here.

Perhaps you might describe the issue in more detail?

how can I explain lol, in fact on infuse there is an option which allows you to group a series of films under a single thumbnail, it works perfectly under dropbox, but since I switched to plex, infuse does not do it for me automatically.

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That’s how. :+1:t3:

Sorry, but this feature only works with vanilla Infuse for now.

this is not possible with plex? Is it planned or not at all?

The thread @james suggests users follow for updates (linked in the post I linked to) is not tagged as planned (nor as anything else), but if I were interested in this capacity, that is the thread I’d follow.

Perhaps the upcoming Plex Direct mode may bring a version of the feature sooner, but I’m not a Plex user so I haven’t been following along with the beta.

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ok , and for the metadata, since I go through plex, I don’t need to activate them in infuse?

Plex movie collections are currently supported.

Displaying collections with mixed content or creating custom collections is not currently available when using Plex.

There’s a thread you can follow for this here.