Collection not right

THere’s a four-part collection starting with


I have all but the last one and the library adds movie 2 and 3 into a collection called Millennial but does not include the first movie which stands alone.

Is this fixable?

I don’t see any collections with “THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO” or one with a movie called “Millennial” at which is what Infuse uses for grouping movie collections.

What are the titles in the whole collection?

You didn’t look hard enough :slight_smile:The Girl - Millennium Collection — The Movie Database (TMDb)

And if you do a search for the movie the OP listed as The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo you’ll see it shows no collections on the results page. the girl with the dragon tattoo — The Movie Database (TMDb) I didn’t have time to spend to dig down further since RL called.

I also did a search for a collection called “Millennial” exactly as in the OPs post with no related results that I could find. millennial — The Movie Database (TMDb)

I’m not a mind reader nor a professional movie reviewer so I’m not well versed in all the different collections and movies so I didn’t recognize that the OP had the wrong name for the collection.

Since they didn’t say where they found the info for the collection it could have been just a personal grouping of movies or a collection on a different source web site.

That’s why I asked for some clarification as to what they had and specific names.

Here is the trilogy on Amazon…the fourth is still in the theaters.

The Millennial (or maybe Millennium) is wrong anyway…that is very strange — It should be something like Dragon Tatoo Girl collection.

It isn’t a personal grouping…I have all DVDs in one directory and the names are the movie title

Infuse places movies in collections based on that is where you will find the info on what movies are included in each collection. It appears that there are two collections there, one for the 2009 release of the girl with the dragon tattoo and includes The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

The second collection is based off of the 2011 release of the girl with the dragon tattoo and includes The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl in the Spider’s Web

The 2009 collection is called The Millennium Collection (2009-2010)

The 2011 collection is called The Girl - Millennium Collection (2011-2018)

So there are two collections each based off a release of the movie on different release dates.

The file name for the movies are critical to how Infuse determines where to put it and what metadata to fetch. That is why I wanted to know the exact file names of some of the ones giving you problems. You can read how the files need to be named here Metadata 101 – Firecore

Adding to the confusion, there is “Millennium”, the Swedish TV series, which features extended versions of the Swedish movies. These total 9 hours in running time and IMHO are the best version to watch.

Aha… it is Millennium

Did you see the two Millennium collections I referenced on

Yes (after I posted) … thanks for researching that. I’m wondering if a date on the first movie will push it into the collection

If you read the metadata users guide I believe it says that the year for movies is a good idea.

File Naming Styles


Note: Release year is not required, but it can be used for better results.

Thanks for all the help. I was able to finally get all three movies into the collection. Without the year, infuse was defaulting to the latest year and I changed the metadata and all was well with the world.

Thanks again (I’m a newbie and I think I have a much better understanding).

Glad you have things working like you want but I have to ask, why not add the year on the file name of those three movies as shown in the users guide and not have to fight modify anything since Infuse would then pick up the right info first time?

I did do that, but I used the wrong year (I read your above post wrong )…so I used the metadata. I’m fixing the filename now. Now I have only one movie in other (“Moving Lincoln’s Body”)

If you want to post the exact file name you have on the moving Lincolns body movie we can see if we can get that one to head home to the right spot too. :wink:

Is this by chance the movie? Stealing Lincoln's Body (TV Movie 2009) - IMDb I can’t find any reference to a movie called moving Lincolns body anywhere.

Yes, I’m sorry…it is Stealing Lincoln’s Body. That is how I have it in the file name as well. Stealing Lincoln’s Body.mp4

After all that – it was a typo. I had “tatoo” instead of “tattoo”

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