Collection NFO support & Extras

As a new user coming over from Plex, would like to request implementation of the following for Infuse. Not sure if these are in the works or being considered, but I’m sure others would greatly appreciate them being added:

  1. Support collections NFO for custom collections. Example, TMDB breaks down MCU titles by character but does not support custom MCU collections. Also enable Infuse to pull over all the poster, logo, etc for the custom collection as well.
  2. Why does Infuse not support movie Extras??? This is a no brainer…needs support!


I believe this is covered in this currently running thread in the suggestions forum.

Already running here so you can add your support there.

This is also requested in a currently running suggestion thread here.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in those threads to show your support for those suggestions! :wink:


Just FYI for future posts in the suggestions, it helps Firecore gauge interest in specific ideas when it’s kept to one suggestion per thread.

That makes it easier for other users to show their support for specific ideas. :wink:


Technically, these are two different requests — Plex collections vs. .nfo Collections.

One need not use Plex to add a “Collections” tag to a local .nfo metadata file.

Infuse currently offers limited support for local .nfo tags, most recently adding recognition of cast tags, but this does not extend to the collections tag, as yet. This sample file includes all the tags currently supported.

However, I’ll note that using local .nfo files since the addition of support for cast and crew override is problematic, to say the least, and I’ve had to refrain from doing so. :confused:

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