Collection names replaced with Numbers on 7.4.1

Collections are all messed up for me, my movie collections had all their names removed and were sorted randomly at the top. I had to turn off TMDB Collections, something definitely broke with collections in the latest update, I hope it gets fixed.


I’m experiencing collection chaos today as well. This is in relation to TMDB collections -and no - i do not have any multiple versions of movies. As of today - some collections no longer seem to display their collection name. As such - they are listed at the top of collections folder. If i click on the actual collection - for some reason it shows the name as a number. Please see video.

What happens if when you long press you select the “Refresh” option on one of the collections that has no name?

Nothing changes if i select refresh unfortunately.

Same for me.
Deleted all Metadata, configured a new Share (SMB and FTP) and reinstalled Infuse. This didn’t change/fix anything.
This Happens on all my devices ATV, MacBook, iPad, iPhone.

Hope for a fix.

I have the same problem. Collections show as numbers and on the top of my list. Reinstalling the app and scanning my library again didn’t solve the issue…

And it looks like yours has the same number for the Back To The Future collection as @r0cksteadydrew so that too may help the devs figure it out.

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My back to the future is the same

I moved this group to a new thread since the OP of the original seems to have had their problem disappear so this thread will work for the next problem.

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I am having the same issue. At the top of my library my TMDb collections are displayed as „2 elements“ or „3 elements“ etc.

These numbers are the TMDB IDs where the Movies, Series and Collections are located on their site. Seems that infuse isn’t able to fetch the names correctly.
Maybe TMDB updated some internal things or so.

For those seeing this issue, can you please submit diagnostic logs in Infuse > Settings and post the 5 digit code it gives you here? Thanks!

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I will start with mine:


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Same problem for me.

Code: PG7ZM

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Not sure i’m doing this right but…

Usually there are letters and numbers in the code so just in case, here’s the users guide for diagnostics.


Just sent,


We’re still looking into this, and have prepared a debug build available via TestFlight which will allow us to collect more info as to what may be causing this.

Please let me know if you would would willing to install this build and send in a quick report, as it would be super helpful. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey guys - as of this morning this issue seems to be resolved for me. Just did a quick scan thru my collections folder and everything appears to now have names.

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Great to hear!

There was another issue which seems to have been related to a temporary issue at TMDB.

For those still seeing issues, you can try running the ‘Refresh Metadata’ option in Settings > Library. Doing this will pull down fresh copies of all metadata, which could help. Note: This is not the same as clearing all metadata, and is a much quicker process.