Collecting metadata even with metadata fetching and embedded turned off

My Apple TV is still fetching metadata even though metadata fetching and embedded metadata is turned off.

So opening any menu or even collections is super super slow. And changes such as new media take forever to update. Am I missing something?

I’m not sure if related but when I go to Library it says indexing failed.

When you launch Infuse, go directly to Settings > Library and tell us what the messages below the Movies, TV Shows, and Others, are.

Infuse still has to look at the files to determine if they have been deleted or added to and to determine the duration, codecs etc. even if it’s not fetching metadata from TMDB.

That’s the last sentence in my post. Says indexing failed

So when you first launch Infuse and go directly to the library settings it only says failed? It doesn’t go through any other messages before that?

Have you tried restarting the ATV? Usually it goes through several steps before you get a fail. It may be you’re atv isn’t able to connect to your server.

What type of device are you connecting to?

Are you using Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin?

Are you able to browse the share via the Settings > Shares > Share Name menu?