Collapse seasons into single series item

Here the screenshot of series naming:

And that the grouping works for “All Series”:

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Go to Library > TV Shows > Long press on “Unwatched” > Select “Pin To Home Screen”.

Just do the same for the Movies in the library. :wink:

Hi James, please can we have this feature soon? Thanks!

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I want to see all series and to see all episodes when I click/tap on a TV Series on the home screen, but unfortunately this isn’t possible. I must search TV Series to view all the series and episodes. It would be great if we could be able to do that.

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Can’t wait longer to see this. Sometimes the artwork is just a picture with no Show-name on it, and the only text " Season 05 " doesn’t help. When you have ton of " Unwatched Shows ", It’s really a mess…

Maybe we could have an update about this ticket ? Please :heart:


Any update on this? :slight_smile: