Collapse seasons into single series item

I want to see all series and to see all episodes when I click/tap on a TV Series on the home screen, but unfortunately this isn’t possible. I must search TV Series to view all the series and episodes. It would be great if we could be able to do that.


Can’t wait longer to see this. Sometimes the artwork is just a picture with no Show-name on it, and the only text " Season 05 " doesn’t help. When you have ton of " Unwatched Shows ", It’s really a mess…

Maybe we could have an update about this ticket ? Please :heart:


Any update on this? :slight_smile:

Would also like to see this


I’m starting to wonder why this core feature is sorely missing. Are we really supposed to go back to search in order to access a different season of the same show? Seems completely wrong to me.


any update on this feature?


Hi James :wink:

Just for clarification:
Does this planned Suggestion mean that the season selection will be integrated directly in the PrePlaybackScreen? Similar to what you can see in this screenshot:


I hope so. When selecting a show it should just just to the currently watching season and have the season selector like you have in that screenshot. It should hopefully function like the appleTV one does. I’m so done with seeing low quality season ‘x’ covers. I personally just want to see the main show poster. And that would save alot (well some) space.

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A season selector is more or less the icing on the cake for me with Infuse.

I quit using it just because of the annoyance of not having this feature. It’s way too cluttered.

For those following this thread, it looks like we may finally get this feature (if you didn’t get it from the posts above):
Upcoming Features (updated 2/19/22) - Suggestions - Firecore

Hey James :wink:
Can you explain what exactly this means?
Is this the „Drop-Down Season Selector“?

Not according to the upcoming features guide.

But what exactly this means?
Or is it the Skip of the SeasonSelectionScreen?

First post is the request.

It is suggested that for the “unwatched” sort (and maybe elsewhere) where you see a TV series like this

It instead, be shown like this (as Infuse shows in the “All TV Shows” sort)

EDIT TO ADD: At least this is my interpretation of what the OP is asking for.


In Library, when you enter a tv-show, it would be nice to be able to go straight to the episodes if there’s only one season in the library instead of having to click the tv-show and then the lone season.

Today’s 7.4 update adds improved browsing of TV shows.

One of the big things is you will now see a single series item, and you can move between seasons without having to navigate back out.

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