Collapse seasons into single series item

Hi FireCore Team,

Is there any chance we can get an option to collapse TV shows into a single icon as opposed to an icon for each and every season of the show. Having all the seasons can really clutter the unwatched TV list especially if you have a few old shows with lots of seasons.

Under the library view it’s already collapsed like this so surely it can’t be a very difficult feature to add?

The other option is simply to have a watched/unwatched filter that could be applied to any list/library.

Please team this would make the product so much better, I’m a long time user and this has got to be my number one peeve. I am looking forward to many of the features you have on the roadmap but this one should be reasonably quick & easy and would make a huge difference.


P.S. If you really want to make a loyal user happy the option to exclude unwatched shows that haven’t been started yet would also be absolutely amazing.


Thanks for the feedback.

Moving this over to suggestions for now.


Having every season show up separately clutters the view

Also +10000000 on the second item. Would love to be able to go into the “action” genre and filter by unwatched action films. I feel like this point would get a lot of traction if it had its own post.


Yes I think the best option would be to have an unwatched filter that can be applied to any list or library, it would make browsing for something to watch so much easier! Series are already collapsed into a single icon in the library view (it’s only the unwatched list that has this issue) so this filter option could sort that out too.

+100 on Collapsing to TV shows. In my case there is a limit to about 100 unwatched Seasons. Factor in as unwatched the Classic “Dr. Who” Series and “ILove Lucy”, and im done!! With successful series running for a really long time (NCIS:17 Seasons, Supernatural: 14, Modern Family, eat)The moment your resest the state to start viewing the again, really clutters the section. And incidentally., no other media player solution takes the “episode VS Show Approach” perhaps is because is a tad impractical.

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This. As of now, this is the main one up that Plex has. I feel Plex is less cluttered.

With the collapsing of seasons into show and the addition of ever present titles under the poster art, I could whole heartedly have infuse win in all categories.

Figured I’d bump this thread and add my +1000 to getting a flattened TV Show view (Plex and Kodi both have this option).

I just recently became a Pro member, and it’s honestly the main annoyance I have with Infuse. This is the only missing thing that makes me continue to use other apps.

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@james I’ve noticed this kind of functionality being asked for in different ways all over the forum. It’s not the easiest thing to verbalize or search for easily and so the interest/upvotes get split. Any chance we could consolidate the interest or at least take the various posts into consideration when you are looking at feature additions?

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+1 As it is now it’s just a waste of space.

Or at least link to prev next season.

+1 for this

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+1 from me

Another 1000 votes for this. I’m baffled that this hasn’t already been done. It’s a quick win that would please so many people. As a new subscriber, I’m getting the feeling that Firecore doesn’t actually use our suggestions.

Should be so easy to implement, but basic requests are sitting for years. Its completely bad design to flatten all seasons. Its no doubt whats the best ui experience here and agmt version 6 i think filtering and ui should be nailed by now

I really like the ‘Files’ display format in the UI compared to the ‘Library’ display format, but a couple of things coupld be improved with a little tweak

It would be really great to be able to load a whole series into Infuse and have it automatically organise by series (show). Right now I have about two pages of seasons but only half a dozen shows.

Alternatively, having larger artwork in the ‘Library’ page, to match the size in the ‘Files’ page would be great.

Are you talking about the iOS or the tvOS version?

I mean the iOS version - I don’t use appleTV

Do you have your files arranged in individual folders for each series with individual folders inside for each season or do you have your series folder with just the episode files and no season folders?

Or do you have just one folder for all tv show files?