CODECs only?


I’ve bought ATV Flash a few weeks ago, and have been enjoying the additional features. Unfortunately I have noticed that ATV crashes (GUI reset or device reboot) a lot more often now, and it seems to follow the installation of the extra apps (When I did a factory reset everything was fine again for 5 days, reinstalling ATVFlash, and the problems come back). Granted, these are fairly minor issues to me, and frankly I could live with them…Unfortunately my wife doesn’t see eye to eye with me on these things, and if it doesn’t have the stability of an appliance device, I’m the doghouse :-). (This is the main reason I dumped Windows Media Center).

Anyway, I was wondering if there was a way to just get the CODECs working with the standard ATV video player, and not even enable any of the third party apps/tools? I’ve fond several programs that ‘wrap’ non iTunes media formats into a format iTunes will accept and xfer to the Apple TV (but ATV doesn’t know how to play them) - so it seems if I could just get all the codecs on the ATV, I’d be set. Is this doable? I think my only other option at this point is to transcode everything to .movs, but that takes forever.

Any input appreciated.


Are you talking about the codecs that come with ATVFlash?

When I make my patch stick the only thing i install is ATV Files and Codecs. nothing else now. But I stay strictly with playing DiVx files… I just play them through the FILES menu…

Yes, I am referring to the included CODECs- except that I would just like to do playback through the standard MY Movies or MY TV like I would if I purchased or xfered a files from iTunes.

I don’t want to use any 3rd party player or menu options to play video. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks again for the help!

Any suggestions?


Unfortunately there is no way to do this. There is no way to get the files into the standard Apple TV player outside of iTunes, and there are many formats that are not supported by iTunes.

You could install a stripped down version with only one of the plugins. That way you can avoid of the clutter, but still have the functionality.