Codecs & DVD ISO Playback

Apple TV Firmware 2.3
ATVFlash Version 3.4.3
nitoTV (Latest version shipped with ATV 3.4.3)


I have recently performed a full, and successful, install of the above software, including the smart installer.
However, I am experiencing a few issues when playing back DVD ISO’s using nitoTV.

I have completely digitised my entire DVD library using DVD Decrypter with exactly the same rip setting for all DVD’s.
I have tested each and every ISO created using mPlayer for Windows and all files work flawlessly.
All of the ISO files reside on a NAS network share which I am accessing through nitoTV, again, without any issues.
When I try to playback the ISO’s on my AppleTV using nito some of the files work, some give access to the DVD menu but then give navigation problems, some of the files play a blank screen and audio, and some files don’t playback at all and will randomly reboot Finder.

What I don’t understand is the reasons behind this behaviour given that they have all been ripped identically using the same software and that mPlayer for Windows plays them flawlessly…

My knowledge of Video/Codecs is average, so I would be grateful for anyone who really knows their stuff to answer some of my questions:

  1. Despite the fact that the DVD’s have all been ripped identically using the same software the actual video inside the ISO may be encoded in different formats, correct?

  2. Having run the smart installer for the mPlayer codec I noticed it downloads a file which is named ‘’. This indicates to me that the codecs being used are over 2 years old… is this correct? Could this be an issue? Surely there is a more up to date set of codecs available for Mac OSX?

  3. My mPlayer for Windows plays the files flawlessly, why? is this due to newer codecs?

  4. What are the best (compatability) tweaks for the mPlayer arguments and should I change them from the default provided by the ATV Flash install?

  5. I have a 1080p TV and the AppleTV is set to output at 1080p. Would the output resolution on my AppleTV affect playback of DVD ISO’s?

  6. Is mPlayer the best player to use or should I be using Quicktime for my DVD playback?

  7. At install time I selected to install Perian over the detected H.264 on the AppleTV. Which is the best for standard DVD ISO playback?

  8. All of my DVD’s were ripped LOSSLESS, (i.e menus, subtitles, bonus etc inc) so the ISO is just an exact copy of the original disc… Is there anything else I should consider to playback these files without issue?

Thanks in advance to any help you guys can offer.
Kind Regards,


Are you on a wired or wireless network?

There are a few things you can try:

  1. Set Apple TV resolution to 1080i (the 2.3 Apple TV software caused a few issues with regards to 720p and 1080p, some of which are still being worked out).
  2. Change File Playback Mode to Quicktime in nitoTV > Settings



I have tried everything, with Apple TV being wired and wireless (n)… i’ve tried 720p, 1080i, 1080p… All with the same result.
The whole point of me purchasing ATVFlash was to be able to play my DVD ISO’s, it appears that that is too much to ask without huge amounts of messing around. To have to continually change settings depending upon which ISO I’m watching is NOT a solution to the problem. I want a playback system that works!! If the Windows version of mPlayer plays all of my ISO’s flawlessly why can’t we have the same reliability on AppleTV? I can’t tell you how disappointed I am going to be if my only option is to convert all of my ISO’s to AVI/MP4 :-(((

Am I the only person using ATVFlash who is wanting to playback ISO’s? Surely other users must be experiencing problems also as DVD Playback is just too buggy to use… please admins, can we get this looked at properly?



Also, forgot to ask in my previous reply… this process of trying to identify what the problems are with DVD playback would be a whole lot easier with some sort of logging. I noticed in another post ( that another user had some nice log output from mPlayer. I have mPlayer logging turned on and have located the only console.log I can find on the system and there is nothing in the file whatsoever that resembles mPlayer debug… Any ideas?


will the atvflash program let you navigate through a ripped dvd’s menus?

Just to say that I was experiencing the same as you and changing the Apple Tv Resolution to 1080i fixed it for me. Now all files play consistently.

(Using Quicktime in the settings rather than MPlayer. Cache set to 8 mins.)


Just an update: Having updated my ATV to version 3.5, i’ve noticed that all my ripped DVDs can now play with the Apple TV set to 1080p.


I’m very new to aTV. How does one go about launching a DVD ISO in the first place. My avi files play flawlessly from my external hd, but my two ISO folders are shown as empty.