Coach Surfer Pro and streaming services

So, today I wanted to latch on to a couple of the CNN live video streams. Link below for reference. But CSP won’t load the streams - I get a flash error - need Flash 9 or better - or something to that effect.

Is there a fix or patch for this? Live streams for CNN through XBMC are flakey at best. Suggestions and fixes welcome. Thanks in advance! 

Keep on luvin my ATV2 and fireCore! (Ok if there were a way to have both ethernet AND wireless on my ATV2 at the same time I would be really zippy…)

Not that I knw off. There is no support for any web site that needs Flash on the ATV2.

i have a similar problem,do you change the menuitem name in the file Localizable.strings?when change it,like the couch surfer may remind you to install flash  :[