Cluttered home screen on Infuse 6 Pro

I just upgraded to v6.

With Infuse 5 my home screen just shows my five favourite shared folders with the icons I chose for them, and nothing else. Nice and simple, just how I like it.

With v6 I get gaudy icons for movies, tv shows and “other”, half the screen taken up with an inaccurate list of “recently added movie” then beneath that, more gaudy icons for “Movie genres” and then a big list of “unpatched TV shows” and “Top rated movies”.

I’ve been able to turn off Library and Up Next. How did I get rid of the rest of this rubbish and just go back to having the icons I want and like the appearance of?



Infuse includes a default set of favorites and lists.

More info on disabling these, or creating different ones, can be found here.

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