Cloudfare DNS vs Google Public DNS for iPhone Infuse playback

Hi. Recently I started using Google Public DNS and Cloudfare DNS in my wifi settings as they’re better, faster and more secure. I was wondering why is there difference in speed between using them and using my ISP provided DNS for Infuse playback on iPhone, iPad and also chromecast via iPhone Infuse.

Can you please provide a technical reason why changing to Google/Cloudfare DNS is making it slower instead of faster? But everything else, like Netflix, Google searches, Web page loading, image loading in other apps is way faster! Except in infuse :frowning:
I’m really a beginner in network protocols so please bear with me if I asked a noob question!

Thank you!

All your DNS for local content should handled by your router. You might see faster times when it comes to fetching meta data but DNS has zero to do with download/upload speeds.

thanks for replying! As u said DNS has zero to do with download/upload speeds, and metadata fetching might be faster, then can you give me a plausible reason as to why you say I should use DNS for local content by router? what does that mean?
btw to make it clear I haven’t changed DNS on router (it’s unchangeable and set to
I only changed it on Google chrome settings on Macbook, and in wifi settings on iPhone !

Your DNS should always point to your router because that’s local to your network. Not using your router can affect name resolution on your network. If you want to use another DNS server for internet access it’s best to change it for the WAN settings on your router.

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name resolution, wan settings? xD this went over my head ngl. But thanks for trying to help out wish I understood more tech terminology!