Cloud Sync replace metadata every time I install Infuse on a new device

every time I buy a new Apple device and install Infuse, despite having activated the synchronization in icloud, the new app goes to re-download all the metadata and overwrites the manual changes I made in my library, so every time I have to go and redo corrections from scratch, and they are not few.
Am I doing something wrong or is it an app issue?

Thank you.


When adding a new device, are you waiting to allowing the iCloud sync to add your connections, or are you manually adding them on the new device?

I think in the latter case it may see it as a different connection to the one it has synced in iCloud so you don’t get your manual corrections.

Yes I wait for the app syncing, and after that, when I enter one of the shared folder on my NAS Infuse starts to download metadata, ignoring every manual changes I made in the past.

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