Cloud Sync dont work

I have problems with the ATV 4K Infuse app to get the cloud sync. I set up infuse on the MAC OS and synchronized it with the cloud. Unfortunately, the ATV 4K does not fetch this data. Everything runs through the same account.
Does anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong?



If you have Infuse already running on your Mac, when you get ready to add the ATV all you do is when you download the Infuse app on the ATV, launch it, do NOT add shares just go straight to the settings then Library and watch the messages on the left. It should say syncing with iCloud. Let it complete this so you have the last updated message on the left and a last icloud date on the right.

If you started changing settings before letting it sync the first time just delete the app off the ATV and then follow the above steps.

Sorry it doesnt work
it „sync“ now over an hour and still show nothing

It will take a while. As long as it shows it’s syncing with iCloud it’s working. There may be some slowness in the iCloud network but it’s going just let it run.

Mine takes about 2 hours to restore last time I did it.

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