Cloud Streaming large plex libraries

Hi guys - I love Cloud Streaming through infuse - I have an Apple TV in the main family room and we all have ipads that we use too - I have a 1tb One Drive account that I drop movies onto and it works like a dream.

I currently have a 20tb plex library on a NAS - made up of 4k / 1080p movies, TV series and photos and wondering whether it’s possible to get a library of this size into the cloud and able to cloud stream via Infuse

Cloud storage offered to personal users seems to be limited to 1tb subscriptions, and whilst there seems to be workarounds for business storage accounts I’d be keen to see if anyone has actually uploaded their entire Plex library to the cloud and using Infuse to cloud stream it as required


I’m not using Plex, but you would be totally fine streaming from libraries that exceed 20TB.

Thanks - the problem is now finding the right cloud provider that is compatible with Infuse, allows me upload >50gb files and doesn’t cost a fortune!

You’re not going to find a cheap option. If you really want to stream from the cloud you might want to look at co-location with an ISP or hosting provider. You’re basically connecting your NAS to their pipe. They look after the power and internet connection and you pay rent on any rack space used.

G Suite Business offers unlimited Google Drive storage if you pay 6 seats at least. Costs $12 per month per user on a 12 month plan. Find a couple of friends to share with and that’s the best deal there is.

Why do you need cloud storage though? Why don’t you connect your devices directly to your Plex library on the NAS? Much better in every sense!

Actually you dont need to have 6 users. I have only myself and currently have unlimited storage.

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I use gdrive and stream fine from my plex library. Have files up to 80gb in size and no issues whatsoever. I have around 22tb on there at the moment.

This sounds great, but surely the price for that much storage is very high?

no, I pay €12 a month for it. Then pay €17 a month for a vserver with a gbit line to upload the files.

Hi - sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do you get all that storage for 12 euro?

The list price is £9.99 for 1tb!


I have it as part of group. A friend of mine signed up for a business account and five of us share the costs. Rumour has it, that the 1tb single user account isnt limited to 1tb as google doesnt enforce the limitation. I’ve heard this from a few people but have never seen it myself. Uploading my library took a while however as there is a 750gb daily upload limit.

If you would like to join the group I can always ask the account holder and he can add another member I’m sure. Think it’s €12 per extra user so around £10 if you’re interested? The drives are all separate so unless we share them specifically, the content can only be viewed by the user himself and we all have our own login details.

@gertgerman very intersting options you got there, I’ve always considered outsourcing the storage but having nothing on prem sounds much better and from the looks of it looks very much affordable.
I’m curious if this is still the case also what quality are you streaming and if you’re doing transcoding and how many concurrent streams are supported and what is the server config. Apologies for the amoount of detaills I’m requesting.
Thank you