Cloud Storage Support for Icedrive

Since it’s coming up to Black Friday, Icedrive are going to be releasing a really great lifetime storage deal offering 8tb and 3tb plans for a great price.

In Infuse there currently isn’t support for Icedrive, but since they’re becoming more and more popular I would love to see this added, as I use the cloud streaming feature for almost all my media.


Yes I see Icedrive supports WebDAV but it won’t work with Infuse for some reason.

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I’d like to see this too.

For the Pro version of Infuse, you have offered streaming support for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, pCloud, Yandex.Disk, and MEGA. But why not Icedrive as well?

Icedrive has numerous reviews and beats many (if not all) of the services above in overall score. It is especially good on price.

Please support Icedrive in a future version of Infuse! It is a dealbreaker for going for the Pro verison!

Adding to this, WebDAV for Icedrive still does not work in Infuse

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