Cloud speed faster than LAN

I don’t understand …

I have a Synology DS918+, when I do a Speedtest within the app (no iPerf or anything) I get around 130Mbps.

When I Speedtest Google Drive I’m getting 350Mbs… how does that make any sense?

Everything is connected via Eth Cat7 (Synology and Apple TV 4K in the same Switch)

The only thing that would make sense it’s that the NAS’s HDD speed is not fast enough? (I’ll try to use a M.2 SSD later)

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Are you experiencing any playback problems such as pauses in playing a video?

If not then don’t worry about the internal speed test. Remember, there’s protocol handshaking going on and I don’t think Infuse will max out the speed if it’s able to buffer and play without doing that.

Many users are running below the 100Mbps mark and playing files fine.

It’s more of a trouble shooting tool that a general test.

Also, what protocol are you using? SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc?

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Thank you.

I didn’t try 4K contents yet but I’ll probably gonna be fine.

I was just wondering because the results was surprising but everything should work smoothly.

Local share are through SMB and Plex, but if google drive work just as fast (even faster according to the test) That’s awesome!

Thanks again.

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You don’t typically buy NAS devices for speed you buy for space and redundancy. You’d definitely see a speed increase using SSD.

NAS bottlenecks are why I ditched them at work and went with full hyperconverged solutions instead.

Check your routers LAN settings. Some routers by default limit LAN to 100mbit. I had to enable 1GBit LAN in my router settings

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