Cloud services and which one is best for price and performance?

I understand what you are saying, but unfortunately there is no other alternative…

I’m just suggesting if you go the DropBox route I would opt for monthly for now.

Do you know any alternatives for massive storage?


Yeah. I read about it in Reddit but was only from user that deleted the post. I was thinking Box but one again…too expensive for me. I mean, at the end of the day is a good deal but can’t pay around $150 monthly. I think I would have to clean my NAS & HDD to make space and forget about sharing my library.

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Exactly what I’m doing

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What do you think about Uptobox?

Uptobox is not secure, it removes content as they want

Also, they do not have shared folders right? I can’t just move files from one user to other?

yes, I did not quite understand the principle but basically you host your content with them and then you share it as a link, but an acquaintance has lost almost 55 TB of content and it is impossible to make a backup to find your data.

100%, in fact way cheaper than that to be honest, gonna vary based on how much space you want but i’m one of those guys who never even considered using the cloud!

A nas for 770 € ok but how many TO? 15 20 maximum

I use the cloud unlimited to be able to build a library. That’s why I use infuse, if it’s to have 5 series and 20 films I don’t see much interest especially when I see the price of the hard disk for nas

You’ll have to forgive me, I dont actually use a purpose built NAS like your off the shelf stuff. I just have an old desktop tower which has a ton of HDD bays in it, filled it all up with 10TB’s and have around 80TB’s storage, I dont even run raid or do backups. So this does indeed keep things cheap but I am not concerned if I lose a drive, all the content is available to get again and drives fail so rarely these days catastrophically. I use RAID at work of course but at home I dont see the need.

My setup is so cheap, the only cost was the drives and there’s no year on year spend, I run a free local FTP and it serves everything in my home, admittedly this is a simple setup, I use Open VPN (also free) for accessing my media from outside my home.

Im not bragging about this im just saying its possible to have a huge collection cheaply, if I need another 10TB’s I just buy another 10 TB drive and stick it in, super simple.


I have also seen WD external hard drives from 44 to , what is it worth? is it a good idea or not at all?

Buying HDD’s for NAS’s does come with some cost implication because usually if you are running a RAID you are going to match what you have etc to run the virtual drive properly, im talking in general terms there. With the setup I mention that I run I can just stick any old drive in, hook up to the SATA and point the FTP server at it. Expanding RAID setups does come with some extra complications but running RAID gives you peace of mind with that redundancy, guess I never saw the need for a simple home collection. I can even stick an external HDD via USB if I wanted to, I wouldnt though.

The point I am making is not to say what I have is better, because it isnt, I am just trying to say that when it comes to money you can setup a file ‘server’ that will work with Infuse for very little. Also you are asking about Cloud services so I should probably shut up now, I just saw the post move a little towards setting up your own along with cloud prices potentially going crazy.

I do stress its not for everyone but its worked for me like that for 10 years, ive only had infuse for 3 years, since I started running ATV’s, Infuse makes it so easy to populate your gear from so many different potential locations.

I’ll have to find out what you’re saying because I don’t know enough about myself.

I started with a desktop and external drives and replaced it with 3 large nas drives.
I found this interesting because I wasn’t aware of these cloud services.
No suggestions here, just wanted to say I found this topic interesting.

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Yeah, its perfectly fine really, all my drives are internal though. Cloud is sweet in a way because your gear is always available and not limited to the upload bandwidth of your home internet, I use a VPN and struggle to watch 4K somewhere other than home but with my new 600/600 Fibre coming soon that will solve that. A NAS to replace my setup is going to be an upfront 2 grand plus, think ill keep it low key whilst it works.

And youre right, I didnt realise how many people were using cloud until I started coming here fairly often.

a nas has always interested me because it is really multitasking where the cloud is not, but for my storage I do not have the impression that the nas is really financially interesting